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arose straight from the concrete
raised hard as a Harley
boy I don't mob deep I hold my own weight up
plus mobb deep was only like 2 nickels

me I hold quarter ps with a French dime piece
yea ride til she die on the dick freak.
there's only 1 way in this game to gain y'all attention
so sit up and learn some

play dirty n pigs come. I win some lose none
thick tree trunks in rotation
hangin wit jamaican neighbors so we all roll up
we all roll up

sparkin the Holy fire from the homie lighter
Hollywood full o liars writers n whores. . O my
swhy The god only wear war attire in the city of alla
city of LA. non pluss monsieur all good.
carry the 1
Love !!


hese muhfuckas dont listen
y muflowers dont lisren
muhlovers dO NOT LISTEN
((u heard what I say x2)
these muhfuckas dONT listen
y muflowers don't listen
these muhlovers dont listen
I know that u can hear but ya ass ain't LISTENIN

..guess they gotta learn the hard way
gotta hard head ,, so sue me
it's my birthday role play movie
what can i say I Iuh dam near everything.

born with a strong head of horns,belie tho
I'aint fraid to say I'm growin more than an ego
beside whats under this peacoat mami ..
theres a nice thick iron u can hold here for me

u wanna go Papi chulo les rap or scrap
ya got dram b ain't nobody got time for that
yellabelly got tthe hard the hard
Ynever thought hip Ho would take it this far

cuz all I'm try'n do is eat N u interjectin
this is the part when a ninja get a lil aggressive.
I bit m damn lip while these L'il ninwit nincompoop bitch biscuits still trippin
I done with it !! I'm out !!


me im jus me for hte world to see
i look new to u but im the same o G yea
i dono why i say these things i dont mean
baby im sorry
baby im so ..
why dont u call me
im waiting for always

ayo wsup
ya boy
good kid fucked up
so im bad now but i meant well
ladies can tell
cuz they wan get to know kenny jr real well
wel wel wel
who woulda known
that we'd take it to this level
ywell girl girl this spells trouble
and u wante to help
but i jus wasnt ready

yea later on and forever ago
u had my heart like whenever u wanted
but im goin
and u dont owe me anythin

yea baby im goin

im losin energy my battery corroded
lost in halitosis
these stanky leg chickens wit they rank breath
i wasnt lookin at yo stank ass baby fat bulgin
laces on her gown like i lace tracks
bust another crazy dance for me naow
switch em hips switch em up girl swithc it up
switch it off
n blaze that hash
int he backalley
u know LA type shit
i likewomen wit a waaist size 6
yea wit them child bearin hips
i had a server broad chick
but only gave her tip

we dont see things by the clear light
i was drowned in fear
lost in grays of time
scared to fly n spread my inner shine
but i swear to the gods that i will never be scared to fight
for what ??

look under neath the deeper tissue thru these jades eyes
and stare these pretty demons in their made up faces

yea im the yella skinned blended guy
wit a jap ass tat and a drop left eye
ima see u later but i swear to u i never cry

so if u want it u can havei t like that
i know that i can never have it like that
but we had it like that its 1 regret that i have oh

but i wont lie thats why thats why thats why
me im jus me for hte world to see
i look new to u but im the same o G yea
i dono why i say these things i dont mean
baby im sorry
baby im so ..


from L'AMOUR IS .. NEIGHBORHOOD K, released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


NEIGHBORHOOD KENNY Los Angeles, California

L'AMOUR is ..
representing all underprivileged, unheard, unseen
from the depths of social, economic, personal struggle
vying for self expression, voice, opinion in a world of conformists and cattle.
NEIGHBOR K is everything && nothing.
he is you, you are him.
lover/upholder of culture, community, truth and light in a world of pain, terror, hypocrisy, and darkness.
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